Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First of Many

I've been struggling for time since my pile of plastic and resin came together but I have managed to build the first model - the Nurgle Daemon Prince. I couldn't resist, this model looks awesome and I'm really happy with how easy it was to build and how cool it looks on the Fat Spider base.

I'm staying in a hotel tomorrow for work and am hoping to finally start building infantry units while I have some time to myself.

Two other bits of progress have been made with the army:

First of all my resin Obliterators from Hitech Miniatures arrived and they look great. I was worried about these as I received no info from the company after my order confirmation, but just as I was about to email they arrived, well packaged and looking really good. From what I've seen so far the sculpts are great and very clean. The minis look like I could build them in 10 minutes and have them looking brilliant (which I may try and do tomorrow). I'll feedback once I've actually made them.

Secondly after a lot of back and forth with a UK dice company I have finally placed an order for 40 custom cut dice. They're green 16mm D6 with the 6 replaced with the Death Guard's pre heresy logo. I chose the pre heresy logo as I love it, it's cleaner than the three skull motif so easier to do well on dice and it means I can use the same dice if I decide to do a Forge world heavy pre heresy Death Guard army, which I may do down the line.

I'm hoping that I'll get enough time over the next month to get more of the army built and finally get a game of 6th ed in with them. I'll keep you posted.

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