Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Squad by any Other Name...

I've finished building the first of my tac squads. The Forge World kits make them look amazing but honestly they look more like plague marines than the GW finecast plague marines. I'm considering using them as plague marines in the future once I've bought and built some regular chaos marines. I might build my second tactical squad without the FW conversion kit.

The fat bellies on most of the torsos mean you can't fit the regular bolter hold arms on either so I've had to build a few holding bolters one-handed (which looks badass!) or build them holding bolt pistols with bolters attached at the hip.

I have now undercoated this squad and am hoping to get a test mini painted this week so watch this space!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

It's How I Roll!

I ordered some custom dice a few weeks ago from Dice and Games Ltd ( It took a while to get an image on the format they wanted and to agree on a style etc but only a couple of days after it was all settled I got my dice, 40 white D6 with the pre heresy Death Guard livey in place of the 6. I chose the pre heresy logo as I prefer it to the post heresy logo and it's a nice neat symbol. On a white Die it will be perfect if I do build a pre heresy force at some point.

I finally got some minis built this week. Details and pics to follow!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First of Many

I've been struggling for time since my pile of plastic and resin came together but I have managed to build the first model - the Nurgle Daemon Prince. I couldn't resist, this model looks awesome and I'm really happy with how easy it was to build and how cool it looks on the Fat Spider base.

I'm staying in a hotel tomorrow for work and am hoping to finally start building infantry units while I have some time to myself.

Two other bits of progress have been made with the army:

First of all my resin Obliterators from Hitech Miniatures arrived and they look great. I was worried about these as I received no info from the company after my order confirmation, but just as I was about to email they arrived, well packaged and looking really good. From what I've seen so far the sculpts are great and very clean. The minis look like I could build them in 10 minutes and have them looking brilliant (which I may try and do tomorrow). I'll feedback once I've actually made them.

Secondly after a lot of back and forth with a UK dice company I have finally placed an order for 40 custom cut dice. They're green 16mm D6 with the 6 replaced with the Death Guard's pre heresy logo. I chose the pre heresy logo as I love it, it's cleaner than the three skull motif so easier to do well on dice and it means I can use the same dice if I decide to do a Forge world heavy pre heresy Death Guard army, which I may do down the line.

I'm hoping that I'll get enough time over the next month to get more of the army built and finally get a game of 6th ed in with them. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, 2 July 2012

It begins.....

This army project is a first for me - the first army I've ever started in one go like this and the first with this level of Forge World customisation. This pic makes me happier than it should ;)